Preston Ardolino scored four goals and Karl Guide also wore a hat, adding an assists as Middlesex downed North Shore 9-1; Adam Kornbau wore the hat and had an assist, Alex Norton scored twice and Cam Aguilar had a goal and an assist in Greater Boston’s 8-2 win over Middlesex; and James Howard had a goal and two assists, Nos. 7 and 4 both scored twice and Teddy Shuman had a goal and an assist in South Shore’s 9-1 win over North Shore.



Middlesex and North Shore both won a game and tied each other. Middlesex defeated Greater Boston 8-2; No. 21 had a goal and an assists as North Shore topped South Shore 4-2 – and the teams played to a 3-3 tie.



In the only game, John MacAulay scored two goals as Greater Boston trimmed North Shore 4-2.



In the only game, Greater Boston scored a big win over North Shore.


PLAYER OF THE WEEKS: Adam Kornbau, Greater Boston


-– MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com